and pay ~70% less

It’s simple: a well-performing deep learning model = more than 1 training session for searching for good hyper-parameters of all sorts = big expenses.
So how do you train on a budget? Ideally, the first thing on your list should be optimizing the process to avoid wasted electricity.

However, in this tutorial I’d like to address the next step: that’s when you want to do the same run as usual, but cheaper.

Disclaimer: It is not an extensive tutorial on EC2 and I’m going to assume you are either at least familiar with AWS Console or have been using…

An Introductory Guide

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

Many talk about the value of research and the gems it can help uncover. The topics for learning and potential discoveries are vast and are often backed by countless publications and tutorials available online. Yet, it seems that not enough attention is given to the “how” of the process itself. Research can take many forms, have different objectives and timespans and at the end of the day may get discouraging.

Disclaimer: the shared links will have a strong flavor of AI, but some things should apply to other fields as well.

The process

For great general advice read Lessons from My First…

Kate Yurkova

Algorithm engineer in the autonomous drones industry particularly interested in Deep Learning and Computer Vision

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